Sunday, March 18, 2007

Princess Hour - Drama Korea

aku suke sangat citer yg dulu tak minat citer korea...pade aku Autumn in My Heart ngn Winter Sonata yg dulu org gile2 punye minat...pada aku tak skali aku kena penangan Full House....hahahahaha..ptg tgk citer korea yg lawak2 dan beremosi mesti aku tgk....kalo aku rase best..aku mule addict kepada citer tu ...dan cube kumpul duit semata2 nak beli vcd ori citer korea ni...hehehe....aja aja fighting....aku nak kumpul duit beli princess hour

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Princess Hour

Princess Hours or more commonly known as Goong (2006) is a romantic korean drama. Story evolves around the current Crown Prince of the Korean royal family (This is just a fiction. Korea is no longer ruled by kings). The story started off with a deal made by the previous emperor and his good friend that their grandchildren will get married to each other. At that time, the royal grandchild intended was Yul but when Yul’s dad (Crown Prince at that time) died in an accident, then Shin (Joo Ji Hoon), Yul’s cousin, took over as the Crown Prince after the emperor passed away.

But Shin has someone whom he liked (Hyo Rin) and decided to propose to her. Shin was rejected so he agreed to take up the arranged marriage with Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun Hye). However, he still hangs around with Hyo Rin quite often. Meanwhile, Yul who just came back from overseas, fell in love with Chae-kyung. As both Shin and Chae-kyung are now the Crown Prince and Princess of Korea, their quite intimate relations with Hyo Rin and Yul respectively creates rumours after rumours, which jeopardise the status of the royal family.

After living with Chae-kyung for long, Shin began to like her. But will he be too late to prevent Yul from taking her? At the end of this drama, there was a little unexpected twist but still an acceptable one.

Joon Ji Hun as Crown Prince Lee Shin

Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung

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aku tak suke Yul dgn Hyo citer ni mmg best....


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If We Fall In Love

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