Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kak Yong's Orchid

Hehe..well.. my eldest sister also have create her own blog now. Who do you think the one responsible to encourage her in blogging? Perhaps... hahahaha.

Look at her blog..well.. ok.. quite nice for a beginner... but.. susunan lintang pukang sikit..hahahahah...

This is the link to her blog : -

Her blog is all about orchids... what to do.. she is crazy about orchids... and I get the benefits to.. coz I can use her orchids to capture some good picture. Oh yeah? Is it good.. well..good for me.. ahak..ahak..

She already ask me to teach her more on how to decorate her blog.. well.. no prob sis.. but surely must have some 'upah'.. ahak..ahak...

If you wish to see some good picture on orchids... nice picture.. go to her blog.. coz she have a good photographer who shoot for her.. which is my brother in law... of course la.. he use SLR ma.. while me myself am only using Nikon L4 .. and wish to be a good photograher.. ahak.. ahak... aiya.. photography is a big money hobby... while I am only a phone some sort of it.. hahaha... with low salary... ahak.. ahak..

I should not write my entry in English ha?.. my english is bad although I use it every day at my working place... hahaha... then.. who cares... hahaha

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