Monday, April 14, 2008


KEKKAISHI? What is kekkaishi? Well, KEKKAISHI is a japanese words which if translated would be a ghost catcher or we can also said that they are japanese ghostbuster. Let say in malays refer to pawang hantu... hehehe. I love to read comics and this is one of the comics that I am reading now. The kekkashi have one power which they can use to manipulate 'shikigami' (paperdoll)to do their work for them and helping them.

Actually, I just want the power to manipulate the shikigami only, not to battle the demon, ghost or anything. Well, it is fun to have other to do our job for us. hahah. Example as for today, I know Monday is always teribble day. But today is worst. We have a lot lots of call and also a lot of email.

Then, Zee want me to assign email, while assigning email, NB ask to pick up call. While answering call, Zee ask to do email again. Then, NB said " we must put priority to call", so I need to pick up call.. arghhh.. what did they think. It make me get headache to juggle between emails & calls.

That is why I would like the power to manipulate shikigami, so that I can create another me to assign emails while me myself can attend to call. huh. Hey wait, if I can use shikigami, then why bother to go to work? Just send the shikigami to go to work for me while I can sleep, play and relaxing at home. hahahahaha... wahahahaha.. good idea. Oh.. my mind are absorbing to lot of comics now...huhuhu

Amende le yg aku merepek ni..

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